Welcome to Pres-Flex

Welcome to Presco, America’s premier manufacturer of Outdoor Marking Products and Engineered Vinyl and EVA Film.

Right here in Sherman, Texas, Presco compounds and extrudes flexible vinyl film also known as Pres-Flex Engineered Film. Our film is custom formulated to the exact specification of our customers.

In 2017, Presco added Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film extrusion to its capabilities. EVA is a member of the polyolefin family and marks the first PVC-free manufacturing capability for Pres-Flex Engineered Film.

Pres-Flex Engineered Film is found in items such as blood pressure cuffs, brattice curtains, laminate flooring, military tents, awnings and much more!

We invite you to get to know our company, learn about our capabilities and as always contact us with any questions!


Because we choose to control the full process of extruding vinyl film, a wide variety of capabilities are available to our customers. We specialize in gauges ranging from 1.65mil to 26mil and roll widths up to 94″ wide.

Custom Formulation

Our unique dry blend compounding process allows for customization at every level of the formulation. We can utilize specialty resins such as high molecular weight resins, as well as, many types of plasticizers.

Extrusion Coated

Presco’s Extrusion Coated process takes our Pres-Flex Engineered Film and combines it with a substrate in one manufacturing process.

Pres-Flex Latest News

Presco Launches EVA Film

Presco’s Pres-Flex Engineered Film Division is excited to announce the addition of EVA film to its product offering. This addition marks the first PVC-free film manufacturing capability for Presco. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a member of the polyolefin family. Physical characteristics of EVA compared to PVC include increased toughness, higher cold crack resistance and […]

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PVC: Proven Track Record

In recent years, consumer products made out of PVC materials have been in the media for being environmentally unsafe and have been targeted by environmental groups. These environmental groups have called for a ban on the use of PVC by using media scare tactics and faulty science. Here at Presco, we realize that PVC and […]

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The Next 40 Years

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Many people are surprised to learn how easy it is to recycle vinyl film. The physical properties of vinyl allow it to be easily ground up and incorporated back into other vinyl products.

Landfill Free

For many years, Presco has placed great importance on meeting our goal of consuming 100% of the waste our manufacturing process generates. That goal has not only been met, but exceeded.


Pres-Flex Engineered Film is excited to announce our biodegradable vinyl film project. Our R&D Team has been working in 2015 to qualify an additive which will enhance the bio-degradation of PVC when in a landfill environment.

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